Super Duper Thank You


On December 8, 2013 myself, 14 Sensitive Dudes and several business got together to do a show at Telefunken Studios in South Windsor, CT.  To say that we had an amazing time is an understatement.  I wanted to take this time to thank everyone that was involved.  I am going to give shout outs…so here we go – in no particular order :)

Dori Gatter – You took 100 moving pieces and made it all collapse into place.  Thank you for being one of my best friends and rock.  You truly are my sister, and I love you so!

Lenny Hasemann, Christopher MoranTony Colapietro, Mike and Mathieu Jean – You guys lit it up, gave us all your talent, made the place brighter with your art, and created a vibe that set a new standard.  I wish I had bigger words than thank you.  Your kindness and grace makes me teary in a good way.

Tony Caporale of TwinBear Management and Chris Kuehn of Golden Corral – Your love, kindness and support of me is never-ending, and I am consistently floored by your generosity.  I am so thankful for our friendships and look forward to a long road of making music, meaningful craftiness, and just good old fashioned solid camaraderie from both of you.  You both are truly the best.

Holly Fisher – You rock from all the way across the pond.  Thank you so much for all of your artwork and patience.  You are the best graphic artist I know, and I would not want to collaborate with anyone else.  Thank you so much for your delightful sense of humor and for lending me your talents every day.  The rest of the world needs to know who you are!

Alan Veniskofsky and everyone at Telefunken – What can I say?  All of you knocked it out of the park.  I honestly don’t think you even have the word “no” in your vocabularies.  Your talents and sweetness is so greatly appreciated.  Thank you for making my vision come to life.  Can’t wait to do another one!

Peter Solak – Thank you so much for dropping off and picking up the QSC speakers.  The room sounded amazing – I just wish you could have been there.  You are so kind to have helped us with the live sound.

Chip Fenney – Thank you for being my swiss army knife of human beings.  You are always there for me, and I am proud to call you my brother and friend.  You are always so patient and you always make it come together.  Not to mention you are a bad to the bone musician.  So much love!

Lee Sylvestre – My little Amex – don’t leave home without it.  Thank you for helping me sort out all the dudes.  It was no small job, and you handled it with grace and ease – no big surprise.  You are always my voice of reason and patience.  Thank you for being my brother – and for understanding my crazy head :)

Alan Friedman - Every day I thank you.  It’s never enough.  The words pale for the gratitude I have.  You truly are a rock and a safety net.  All of my crazy ideas and adventures seem to work out with your help.  Thank you for being such a good friend and person to me.  I am like your daily mitzva – GOD help you :)

J. Rene Coffee Roasters, Bogle Wine, Get Baked, Back East Brewery – Thank you for supplying your local art in the form of coffee, wine, baked goods and beer.  Your eats, treats and drinks made the night that much more special.  Music and yummy stuff always make for a great combo.  I will continue to tell everyone about all of you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sharon Hennessy of OnStage Stands - You are always so supportive of me.  Thank you for being such a great friend and such a solid human being in such a crazy industry.  I hold you and your company in the highest of regards, and I am not shy about saying so.  Thank you for all the love.

Chris Blum – Thank you for being such a good sport, and for being the hottest and most fit bar tender any girl could ask for.  You rock!

Paul Lombardo, Patrick McAloon, Jonathan Mover, Robbie LaBlanc, Michael Cleary, Jon Corvo, Ed Corvo, Donny Fortin, Dennis Fancher, Jay Wiggin Scott Wattel, Matt Glasser and Billy Megofna - You guys all rocked it in your own very sensitive way.  Thank you for playing music with me, for being my brothers, and for being so very cool.  I am deeply inspired by all of you.  It was so amazing to share the night with all of you.  Looking forward to the second annual one next year!

We recorded and filmed the evening.  We will be sharing content as soon as we get it all together. Thank you to everyone who attended the show in person as well as on line.  My life is enriched, and I am lucky girl.

Jen Lowe




Jen Lowe and the Super Sensitive Dude-A-Palooza



On December 8, 2013, 16 Sensitive Dudes and myself will perform at Telefunken Studios in South Windsor, CT.  The doors open at 6 PM and the show starts right at 7 PM.  This will be a very special evening.  We are recording, filming and live broadcasting the evening.  Many local businesses have come together to support the evening with donations of food, wind, beer, coffee, art, time, etc.  There is also a charity involved!

We will do an instrument drive for the Charter Oak Cultural Center for the Arts All City Youth Orchestra.  This is similar to a toys for tots drive, however we are requesting you donate instruments instead.  Anything is much appreciated.  Strings, drum sticks, old cymbals, recorders…anything you can donate would be great!  You can even donate your time in the form of a lesson…or you can always donate a little money if you would like.  This is an amazing program that we are thrilled to support.

If you can’t be at the event, you can watch on line!  Yes, we will be broadcasting the event, so you can watch from the comfort of your living room.

I am a lucky girl.  I play with some of the best dudes in the world.  It is so rare that we can all get together for a beer, let alone an evening of music.  The 16 Sensitive Dudes include (in no particular order of sensitivity):

Paul Lombardo

Lee Sylvestre

Jonathan Mover

Alan Friedman

Robbie LaBlanc

John Corvo

Ed Corvo

Michael Cleary

Chip Fenney

Patrick McAloon

Dennis Fancher

Donny Fortin

Alan Veniscofsky

Scott Wattel

Billy Megofna

Jay Wiggin

Come out to the show.  Bring 100 of your best friends!  It’s going to be a night to remember.


Jen Lowe




Coffee with your best friend


My mom and dad have been married for over 40 years, and at the top of September they will celebrate another happy anniversary.  People ask them what the secret is.  They will tell you that they are best friends.

They met when they were thirteen years old in Milwaukee, WI, but they were never romantically involved until they were in their early twenties.  My dad says that my mom used to constantly call him and complain about her boyfriends.  He says that he used to tell my mom how full of crap she was.  I laugh.  My mom says that my dad was so handsome that the girls used to check him out in class by using their compacts as rearview mirrors.  My dad never believes this tale.

Their story is a great one.

My mom suffered a heartbreaking split with her long-time boyfriend and felt like she needed to get away from her scene.  She took her dad up on the suggestion of going to Israel for six months. Homesickness set in, however, and she returned after two months.  When she got back, she made her routine call to my dad – her best friend. My dad was recently engaged.  He wanted to meet for coffee, share the news and catch up.  According to my mom, my grandma had a fit, as engaged men don’t go to coffee with their “girlfriends.”   Despite her mom’s admonishments, they met up anyway.

Well, perhaps my grandma was onto something.  Reconnecting in that diner, my mom and dad quickly realized they were in love.  My dad broke off his engagement.  Six weeks later, he and my mom were engaged. Before they walked down the isle, their friends took bets the marriage would only last a few short weeks.  Apparently my parents should have taken that wager.  

Occasionally, they tell each other how full of crap the other is.  But they really do love and respect each other.  It’s amazing to see two best friends continue to be in love.  It really is something special. Sure, I put them on a pedestal, what kid does not do that with their parents? But I really believe it is warranted.

Some people believe love has to start with a bang.  Some believe that it starts with friendship. Some people believe that there is a soulmate out there for each of us.  And some people don’t believe in love at all.

I was raised by two incredible human beings who taught me what love truly is, what it really means, how very special it is, and how sometimes, it finds us when we least expect it.




I don’t sit still very well.  With this in mind, I have many irons in the fire and many activities I love to partake in.  If you know me a little bit, you know that I am a singer, songwriter, percussionist, golfer, snowboarder and a business owner.

A while back I started on the journey of opening my own on line music store.  I created BoomBoom Percussion with the intent of helping musicians and non musicians find their groove.  Originally this company all began while I was living in Atlanta.  Since that time, BoomBoom has gone through many different phases.

Recently I decided to take the leap of faith and relaunch my on line store.  It has been exciting.  I have been able to help several people find the gear they need as well as helped younger players get into the game and become new music makers.

I firmly believe we need more music makers in the world.  You don’t have to be a professional musician, you don’t have to be a music teacher, and you don’t have to be in the music industry.  All you need is the desire to play.

When you want to learn how to snowboard or golf or mountain bike, you take a chance and check it out.  Why can’t the same exist for music making?  The answer is it can.  I want to encourage anyone who has ever wanted to play an instrument to take the plunge and get your groove on.  There are many great instruments that are perfect for your journey, and you can find them in the BoomBoom Percussion store.

If you get the chance please consider checking out my new and improved website and store and let me know what you think.  I really do want to know.  If you are on the hunt for anything musical, I can help.

BoomBoom Percussion 

You never know when you might get the…



Rock On!

Jen Lowe




It’s been a long time coming, but I finally released my second record.  This is exciting.  Every artist will tell you the thrill of shipping their art.  Yes, I am thrilled.  It was a global effort with many talented friends helping me make the dream come true along the way.  You can check it out on many different platforms.

Here are just a few:



Jen Lowe – “Laughing” - Video

I am touring around a lot this summer.  Hope to catch you out there!

High fives and hugs.



My Obsession

images (3)


If you have spent even a few minutes with me, you would know that I am obsessed with my golf game.  My clubs stay in my car or travel with me if I know there will be an opportunity to play.  My dad put a club in my hands at the early age of 7, and I was hooked.  However, it is only in the last year that I have really made some huge progress in my game.  This progress is really due to the lessons I have taken with George Connor.

Last summer George and I literally took apart my entire swing and put it back together.  This is a really difficult and scary thing to do as a golfer.  But George made it so accessible.  Don’t get me wrong, I was a basket-case at first, but now I am so overjoyed that I decided to take the plunge.

Recently, I completed George’s Red Zone Challenge.   I wanted to dial in my short game and shave some strokes.  Once again, working with George and taking this course has been an epic experience.  Not only was the class a blast, but I really made huge improvements in my short game.

George is a terrific teacher and has a great sense of the game and a great sense of humor.  If you are in the CT area and looking to take major strides in your golf game, George Connor is the right choice.

So if you are on the course  and you hear me yell “GEORGE!!!!” after a great shot, you will know why.




Being Remarkable

What makes something remarkable?  Simply said, is it just something worthy of a remark?  Or does it go deeper than that?  Why are some stories told over and over again?  Why are some songs played over and over again for decades and decades?  What makes them remarkable?

I am not sure I have the answers to any of these questions I often ask myself.  However, I am truly inspired by remarkable occurrences.  These are the things that keep me moving, keep me motivated, and keep me just simply curious.

I have often stated that “I am a lucky girl.”  That sentiment stays with me daily.  Some people believe we create our own luck and fortune.  Some people say that we can also invite disaster.  But how do we process and understand things like disease to innocent, healthy people?

We say things like “it’s just so unfair.” We ask “why?”  We shake our fists at the sky in frustration.  And in some remarkable cases, we become deeply inspired by another person’s struggle, their will to survive and overcome all the odds.  When these things happen, we share their stories because it is in the storytelling that we find the healing and the connection.

I write this today with a particular remarkable young man in mind.  His name is Theo Menswar.  He is the son of my bandmate and good friend Brant Christopher Menswar, and he is fighting for his life as he battles a very rare blood cancer.  His story has touched the hearts and souls of people all over the world.  And rightly so.

Theo is a force.  Theo is remarkable.  Theo is an inspiration.  Theo is a fighter.  In some peoples’ eyes, he is just a 15 year old boy fighting the fight of his life.  In my heart he is extraordinary, and I feel his story should be told and retold.

WIth that in mind, you can see a little bit of Theo’s story here.  I hope you will share and keep him in your thoughts….




Not The Skinny Girl

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I will never be the skinny girl.  This is ok with me.  But I can be the strong girl, and that’s why I joined Cross Fit Relentless in West Hartford, CT.  What I did not expect to get out of my membership was the total encouragement, support and community I have had the pleasure and honor of discovering.

I can tell you that I hate the gym.  I have always hated the gym.  I love sports and I love being active, but I hate the gym.  Cross fit is not the gym.  A box does not look like or feel like a gym, and the members certainly do not behave like they are in a gym.

Today the work out of the day was really hard for me.  I finished last.  This is not an uncommon event – for me to finish last.  But today most of my class stayed with me and rooted me on as I worked my way through to the end.  This is not something you would find in a gym.  Their encouragement and support is what got me to push myself, and it’s how I get stronger.

Thank you to all my coaches and classmates at Cross Fit Relentless.  I really feel my life changing because of all of you.  I will never be the skinny girl, but I definitely will be stronger.