A Triumphant Day…

I have been playing golf since I was seven years old.  Any diehard golfer knows that you collect sentimental accessories along the way that truly make or break your golfing experience.  We golfers have ball markers, special hats, a certain towel, or a head cover that has been on the “team” for a long time.


Me.  I have Triumph the insult dog head cover.  Yes, that Triumph – the one from The Conan O’brien Show.  He has resided on my driver for many years.  And every time I play golf, I show him off and quote “for me to poop on.”  It’s all part of my golfing ritual.


Well, last Sunday, the unspeakable happened.  Triumph was taken from me while I was demoing new drivers at Golfer’s Warehouse here in Hartford, CT.  Someone stole him from behind the counter.  I was devastated.  I seriously almost cried.  I felt like I was three years old and someone stole my woobie from me.


Late Tuesday night I got a call from the manager of Golfer’s Warehouse who expressed he had good news for me.  They found and rescued Triumph, and they were holding him in the highest level of security locations – the manager’s office.  I could come pick him up at any time.  They explained to me that James from the store had spent his lunch hour scouring video surveillance tapes looking for the culprit.  Sure enough, a frequent costumer from the store had “accidently lifted” Triumph.  James gently asked for Triumph’s return, and he is now safely and happily protecting my driver again.


Today was a triumphant day.  Thank you to James who took the time to hunt down my little pal.  And thank you to Golfer’s Warehouse for realizing it is the little things that make the biggest of differences.  I will be a loyal customer from now on.  You and your staff are amazing!


I am a lucky girl…











Seen above – Triumph and James at Golfer’s Warehouse