Being Remarkable

What makes something remarkable?  Simply said, is it just something worthy of a remark?  Or does it go deeper than that?  Why are some stories told over and over again?  Why are some songs played over and over again for decades and decades?  What makes them remarkable?

I am not sure I have the answers to any of these questions I often ask myself.  However, I am truly inspired by remarkable occurrences.  These are the things that keep me moving, keep me motivated, and keep me just simply curious.

I have often stated that “I am a lucky girl.”  That sentiment stays with me daily.  Some people believe we create our own luck and fortune.  Some people say that we can also invite disaster.  But how do we process and understand things like disease to innocent, healthy people?

We say things like “it’s just so unfair.” We ask “why?”  We shake our fists at the sky in frustration.  And in some remarkable cases, we become deeply inspired by another person’s struggle, their will to survive and overcome all the odds.  When these things happen, we share their stories because it is in the storytelling that we find the healing and the connection.

I write this today with a particular remarkable young man in mind.  His name is Theo Menswar.  He is the son of my bandmate and good friend Brant Christopher Menswar, and he is fighting for his life as he battles a very rare blood cancer.  His story has touched the hearts and souls of people all over the world.  And rightly so.

Theo is a force.  Theo is remarkable.  Theo is an inspiration.  Theo is a fighter.  In some peoples’ eyes, he is just a 15 year old boy fighting the fight of his life.  In my heart he is extraordinary, and I feel his story should be told and retold.

WIth that in mind, you can see a little bit of Theo’s story here.  I hope you will share and keep him in your thoughts….