Jen Lowe and the Super Sensitive Dude-A-Palooza



On December 8, 2013, 16 Sensitive Dudes and myself will perform at Telefunken Studios in South Windsor, CT.  The doors open at 6 PM and the show starts right at 7 PM.  This will be a very special evening.  We are recording, filming and live broadcasting the evening.  Many local businesses have come together to support the evening with donations of food, wind, beer, coffee, art, time, etc.  There is also a charity involved!

We will do an instrument drive for the Charter Oak Cultural Center for the Arts All City Youth Orchestra.  This is similar to a toys for tots drive, however we are requesting you donate instruments instead.  Anything is much appreciated.  Strings, drum sticks, old cymbals, recorders…anything you can donate would be great!  You can even donate your time in the form of a lesson…or you can always donate a little money if you would like.  This is an amazing program that we are thrilled to support.

If you can’t be at the event, you can watch on line!  Yes, we will be broadcasting the event, so you can watch from the comfort of your living room.

I am a lucky girl.  I play with some of the best dudes in the world.  It is so rare that we can all get together for a beer, let alone an evening of music.  The 16 Sensitive Dudes include (in no particular order of sensitivity):

Paul Lombardo

Lee Sylvestre

Jonathan Mover

Alan Friedman

Robbie LaBlanc

John Corvo

Ed Corvo

Michael Cleary

Chip Fenney

Patrick McAloon

Dennis Fancher

Donny Fortin

Alan Veniscofsky

Scott Wattel

Billy Megofna

Jay Wiggin

Come out to the show.  Bring 100 of your best friends!  It’s going to be a night to remember.


Jen Lowe