i Likey

Audix Microphones I love

B&H Wealth Management - Financial planning with a musical twist

Banding People Together – Collaboration through songwriting

Big Kettle Drum - The boys I rock with

BoomBoom Percussion Get your gear here!

Christie Bazemore The only person who cuts my hair!

Daisy Rock Cool chick guitars

Eddie K Rocking with Eddie of LIVE!

Elllis Stomp Boxes – Great little stomp boxes that pack a lot of punch!

FKCo Rock’n the taxes!

Jason Mraz Need I say more?

Jim Hodgson AuthorĀ of perfection!

Leigh Nash oh the sweet voice and person!

LP The gear I rock

Patrick McAloon – Amazing talent!

Pat McGee - Finally reconnecting after all these years!

Rock On Audio – Personal Monitoring system!

Spence Creative – Holly does all my artwork and is the bomb diggity.

Tim Acres Producer!

Twin Bear Management Get your game on with these guys!

Tunz – My in ears.

Unit 7 Props My Brother’s amazing company!

Vater – Sticks and all around great guys!

Z Get your graphic design here!