Not The Skinny Girl

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I will never be the skinny girl.  This is ok with me.  But I can be the strong girl, and that’s why I joined Cross Fit Relentless in West Hartford, CT.  What I did not expect to get out of my membership was the total encouragement, support and community I have had the pleasure and honor of discovering.

I can tell you that I hate the gym.  I have always hated the gym.  I love sports and I love being active, but I hate the gym.  Cross fit is not the gym.  A box does not look like or feel like a gym, and the members certainly do not behave like they are in a gym.

Today the work out of the day was really hard for me.  I finished last.  This is not an uncommon event – for me to finish last.  But today most of my class stayed with me and rooted me on as I worked my way through to the end.  This is not something you would find in a gym.  Their encouragement and support is what got me to push myself, and it’s how I get stronger.

Thank you to all my coaches and classmates at Cross Fit Relentless.  I really feel my life changing because of all of you.  I will never be the skinny girl, but I definitely will be stronger.