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I don’t sit still very well.  With this in mind, I have many irons in the fire and many activities I love to partake in.  If you know me a little bit, you know that I am a singer, songwriter, percussionist, golfer, snowboarder and a business owner.

A while back I started on the journey of opening my own on line music store.  I created BoomBoom Percussion with the intent of helping musicians and non musicians find their groove.  Originally this company all began while I was living in Atlanta.  Since that time, BoomBoom has gone through many different phases.

Recently I decided to take the leap of faith and relaunch my on line store.  It has been exciting.  I have been able to help several people find the gear they need as well as helped younger players get into the game and become new music makers.

I firmly believe we need more music makers in the world.  You don’t have to be a professional musician, you don’t have to be a music teacher, and you don’t have to be in the music industry.  All you need is the desire to play.

When you want to learn how to snowboard or golf or mountain bike, you take a chance and check it out.  Why can’t the same exist for music making?  The answer is it can.  I want to encourage anyone who has ever wanted to play an instrument to take the plunge and get your groove on.  There are many great instruments that are perfect for your journey, and you can find them in the BoomBoom Percussion store.

If you get the chance please consider checking out my new and improved website and store and let me know what you think.  I really do want to know.  If you are on the hunt for anything musical, I can help.

BoomBoom Percussion 

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Rock On!

Jen Lowe